Introducing Bali’s International Tourism Levy

The Bali Provincial Goverment has announced new regulations that will be implemented from February 14, 2024, for international tourists visiting Bali. These regulations aim to enhance the travel experience while preserving Bali’s rich heritage and promoting sustainable tourism.

International visitors to bali will be subject to a one time fee of IDR 150.000 (Equivalent to USD 10). This one-time payment is required for each visit to Bali, applicable to adult and children of all ages.

Travelers are encouraged to conveniently settle this payment via the Love Bali website or App prior to their arrival. Upon payment, a tourism levy voucher will be send via email, and tourists should store it on their smartphones for scanning at checkpoints in Bali Airport and Sea Ports. Here is how to pay your Bali Tourism Levy:

  • Visit or download Love Bali App from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Input your passport number, name, email and arrival date on the website or app. Then, select your preferred payment method.
  • After completing the payment process, your Levy Voucher will be sent to your email address you provided. ensure your email is valid and active to receive the vouchers.
  • Upon arrival in Bali, present your Levy Voucher for scanning at designated checkpoint in Bali Airport and Sea Ports to ensure your payment is processed and recorded.

Certain visa categories are exempt from this fee, including diplomatic and official visa holder, conveyance crew, Temporary Stay Permit (KITS) or Permanent Stay Permit Card (KITAP), family unification visas, golden and student visa holders, as well as specific non-tourist visa holders. To qualify for exemption, applications must be submitted via Love Bali System, one month before the planned arrival in Bali.

Source: wonderfulindonesia

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